A New Communication Platform

A New Communication Platform

We are developing a robust communication platform to enable information sharing among community members.

In focusing on small communities we view our mission as facilitating the transfer of information, ideas and experiences concerning financial management, community organizing, and economic development.

Coming in March 2018, our new platform will curate and archive content material we produce as well as podcasts, videos, reports, commentary and articles by others, which we believe contribute to a robust exploration of opinions, approaches, and practices that can help shape community consensus-building and activism. It will support a forum for information sharing and messaging. It will allow for the sharing of content material within and outside of the community.

Members will have the ability to define their user profile and indicate the subject matter of interest that will enable them to receive timely notice of relevant postings and messages. It will facilitate engaging with others having similar interest.

Our focus is on issues of revenue generation, budgeting, and spending; workforce development and preparedness; the tourism and service sectors; technology; environmental sensitivity and mitigation; climate change and its impact; infrastructure; manufacturing, industry, and commerce.

We see our new platform as a vehicle for bringing individuals together around a shared objective– government entities, the private sector and individuals… anyone or groups that seek to participate in defining community direction, promote dialogue instigating activism and being a catalyst for positive change.

With your help, it will be rich in content. You will be able to access us through social media or on-line.

Follow our progress in the coming months and join our community.

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