Virgin Islands Capital Resources fosters economic development by investing in expansion phase business ventures that are scalable and contribute to US Virgin Islands economic stability and growth. Our mission is to spur community-based economic development while receiving a financial return, which will allow VI Cap to continue making other investments. VI Cap is seeking investment opportunities that grow businesses, expand services, and provide employment opportunities in the US Virgin Islands to the under-served and underemployed.

Investment Information and Criteria

  • Businesses must be located in the US Virgin Islands.
  • VI Cap makes limited-size debt or equity-like investments in companion with the entrepreneur’s own equity investment.
  • VI Cap will consider most industry sectors, but is most interested in businesses with high growth propects such as hospitality, energy, or green technologies or services, manufacturing and export.
  • All VI Cap investments must generate new, quality jobs.
  • Applications require a business plan where success is readily demonstrated.
  • Executive summaries may be submitted by email. We will provide our assessment of whether the entrepreneur should consider forwarding a completed application.

Application Process

  • Applicant can download an application from Seslia & Company’s website here. You can review the elements of a sound business plan. Please submits completed application with an attached business plan to vicap@seslia.com.
  • Applicant will receive an email acknowledging receipt of application and business plan.
  • An Investment Committee comprised of VI Cap’s Managing Director and two members of the VI Cap Board of Directors reviews application.
  • Applicant may be asked to meet with the Investment Committee to discuss the application and answer questions.
  • VI Cap Board determines which qualifying applicants will receive a VI Cap investment.


For more information or questions about VI Cap please call 340-776-0677 or email vicap@seslia.com.