Virgin Islands Capital Resources

Virgin Islands Capital Resources, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit with a community economic development mandate. It has been a part of the US Virgin Islands since 1997.

VI Cap seeks to be a laboratory for ideas, dialog, and analysis on economic and development issues important to small communities. It is a direct investor in select entrepreneurial businesses that are financially rewarding and contribute to community economic development.

VI Cap advocates on behalf of economic outcomes that accrue long-term benefit, always mindful of the tension that exists between short-term imperative and long-term community benefit.  It contributes to public debate by

VI Cap finances its program initiatives and investing using portfolio funds, grants and underwriting from third parties. It uses its own funds to initially jump start initiatives but seeks partnerships for sustained involvement. The organization manages its activities to be financially self sustainable.

VI Cap is administratively housed and supported by Seslia & Company.


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